Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How should I begin?

Well, hello there blog world! Where to begin?  My name is Londi, I'm wife to a NYC firefighter and mother to 4 boys ages range from 16 - 3.  I also work full time as a Director at a local not for profit healthcare company.  Not to mention I am the official cleaner, cooker,  gardener, decorator, organizer, nurse, and homework helper in my household. (Just to name a few) I thought I'd start writing this blog because I know there are many of us out there who like me just seem to be going nuts just trying to hold it all together and figure we should share and see how we seemingly crazy, maybe sometimes a little bit obsessive moms, wives, and all women cope and manage in our day to day.

What are my interest? (In no particular order...just the way they came out of my head)

1.  I LOVE fashion, especially fall fashion.  I can't afford top designers so I love to find great deals and also bring my old threads to life with new trends.  I love getting complements on an outfit I put together on a low budget.

2.  I love decorating/design.  I've been in my current home for only a year and still have so much to do.

3.  I love reading on my porch. (How much of this do you think I get to do with 4 children, a cat, a husband, and a full time job??)

4.  My latest OBSESSION is couponing.  I started looking at my grocery bills and realized that I could probably pay a full time employee at WalMart for what I was paying in groceries on a monthly basis.  Talk about MAD!!

5.  I want to learn how to ride a motorcycle and will be taking lessons soon.

6.  I love traveling and am fortunate to get to travel a couple of times a year even with 4 kids!  I would like to start more international travel.

7.  Love spending quality time with my family.  My husband and boys make each day interesting and fulfilling and I count my blessings everyday for my family.  (Yes, even after I've come close to a full on nervous break-down and crying session!)

Some of my favorite websites include:


I hope you'll come along with me on my crazy ride and share your craziness with me as well.


Londi xoxoxo


  1. Love this Londi, what a way to feel normal. Compare notes and realize, there is no such thing as perfect parent, wife, woman. Hope to get good tips on keeping my sanity.

  2. Just stopping by from mbc and became a new follower. :) seems like we have a lot in common. I too am a wife to a firefighter and love couponing. Stop by my blog when u get a chance. WWW.Ashley-mommyaworkinprogress.blogspot.com

  3. Hi Ashley. Thanks for stopping by. I'll be sure to check out ur blog!

  4. Oh how you just made me think of the past! This is soooo cool! Keep it going! I'll drop in every now and then..lol Love ya! God Bless! Lyd-M

  5. Thanks Lyd! Share it with anyone u think will enjoy!