Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In the Presence of Beauty

Hola Mi Gente! I know it's been a while, but that's a story for another day.  I wrote a small article for my company newsletter and I wanted to share with you.  Feel free to share and leave comments.

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In the Presence of Beauty 
By Londi Jaramillo, Director of Membership Accounting

Elijah at the Ball Park

 Mothers always look for opportunities to brag about their kids, don’t they? I am the very proud mother of four sons, each of whom manage to shock me and keep my life very full and exciting everyday. 

Two of my children are involved in a great organization called Beautiful People. Beautiful People is a non-profit organization based in Wallkill, New York (Orange County) that provides adaptive sports for children and young adults with disabilities.

I found out about Beautiful People when I was at my son Elijah’s yearly meeting to discuss his Individual Education Plan (IEP). You see, Elijah is 9 years old and has multiple disabilities, which include severe developmental delays to learning and to his fine and gross motor skills. During the meeting I broke down in tears (which happens sometimes) because I was frustrated, as Elijah feels left out sometimes when he has difficulty socializing with others his own age. Also, he can’t participate in organized sports like his brothers. He’s eager to play since his brothers are in sports leagues, but he can never play. What do you say to your child when he asks why can’t he play? It broke my heart.

When Roses Blossom 

I encouraged my oldest son, Giovanni, to volunteer with Beautiful People as a buddy who helps other children and signed up Elijah for baseball. When we started, I was overwhelmed with happiness. 
Giovanni Helping one of the Children
Without this organization, many of these children would never have an opportunity to play sports. These young people are affected by disabilities ranging from autism spectrum to cerebral palsy.

This is now our second season with Beautiful People and Giovanni continues to volunteer on Sundays, and Elijah is back on the field. There is no greater joy in my heart than to watch my children engaged in such wonderful activities, one helping others and one having an opportunity to play. I’m so proud of my two sons and all of the volunteers and players that come out each week to help and play.

You can learn more about Beautiful People on their website at http://www.beautiful-people.us/.

Brothers together at the Ball Park

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  1. OMG Londi you really know how to make me cry, I am so proud of our boys. Elijah is and always will be my special angle, And he will be great I love you