Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Today's teenagers

My 16 Year old son Gio
The recent viral video "Facebook Parenting: For troubled teenagers" and all of the responses make me wonder about today's teenagers.

As the mother of a 16 year old son, I struggle with him daily.  Let me preface this by saying, overall he's a good kid.  I'm not saying that because he's my son, but I say this knowing all of the things kids could be doing and knowing what I was doing at his age.....well, like I said...he's a good kid! But I find him to be disrespectful, and is it me or are teens just more disrespectful to their parents now-a-days?  Are they ungrateful?  Or is this a reflection of our parenting?  Should I have deprived him more?  Maybe I gave him to much?  I don't know.

Maybe this is something that is not uncommon but I'm just experiencing it myself now that I have a teenager. Its just that this is not something that I would have gotten away with.  Or maybe I'm just old school, but this sh*t is not tolerated in latino households!    Hopefully its just a phase and I raise a respectful young man.  In the meantime, I will throw my chancleta or give him a cokotaso when he gets out of line!  

Check out the video that I mentioned above HERE.

Well, until next time Mi Gente!




  1. As the first to go through this in our family.... Not even mom,( we know why) went through this teenage crap. I will say ITS HARD!! I will say this sense of entitlement the kids have and the way they respond is usually a reflection on the way we chose to raise them. Were not our parents.

  2. I think my two are a little too spoiled. Hopefully it will get better for us. I also believe that back in the day parents were allowed to be parents . I remembers mother beating me in the street and not a sole said a thing but if we do that now acs will be knocking on our door

  3. I am Londi & Lala's mom and I assure you they did everything in the house they had to do and more, I am super proud of my kids today, they are responsible adults with good jobs & careers. This shit was not put up with in the house. Although I was the easy going parent the other was not, Balance is very important in a home, You know good cop bad cop. A good ass kicking goes a long way sometimes