Monday, January 23, 2012

Confessions of an Out of Control Mommy

Hola mi gente!  First and foremost I am floating on cloud 9 with MY NY Giants making it to the Super Bowl!  Did you watch the game last night?  Second of all, I have to figure out when I can give you all the updates from Vegas and what I thought you would really enjoy from CES.  It takes time to piece that together.  Third of all, you may have noticed that I've taken about a week or so off from writing and this entry will explain why among other things.  Fourth of all it's Monday and I'm putting up a "confession" but what sort of consistency have I even had lately?

There was a time that I was one of those know one of those parents that you envy because their kids are in bed by 8:30 every night and the house was nice and quiet.  Yes, that was me, once upon a time when I had one kid.  That was even me once I had two kids (two kids with 7 years between them).  Yeah, no problem.  Well try me, moving 60 miles away from work, now having 3 kids, getting home late to make dinner...little babies requiring your attention, two of the kids in diapers.....not so easy any more.  Now add another kid.  Now, take 1 teenager who doesn't listen.  Take a 9 yr old who has his own agenda.  A 6 yr old who would go to bed, but hey everyone else is awake and a 3 yr old who thinks it's party time all day long!  Add in a mom...who is lucky to get home by 7, 7:30 trying to make sure the kids eat, take a bath..brush their teeth and get in bed at a reasonable hour.  Not to mention when sometimes you spend hours with one of them trying to get them to complete HW because said child has a learning disability and well can be very difficult when he doesn't want to do something.  Yeah,, you who were complaining before...does this put things in perspective for you?
Anyway....we got home from Vegas Monday night, not too late, but late.  The kids were up and we got to see them and put them in bed.  It was good to be home.  Monday night it snowed, and I was thrilled that they had a 2 hour delayed start for school because I didn't have to get up too early.  I took Tuesday off and stuck to my plan for the day which was....take it easy.  I cooked early, stayed in pajamas and relaxed all day long.  Tuesday night however, didn't pan out as I expected.  As I laid down for bed and got the kids in bed around 9ish...(a little on the later side).  I'm laying down and watching a little TV and settle down because I had to get to work the next morning and the kids just wouldn't settle down.  They were in bed and they just kept on playing in bed.  I could hear them laughing and playing all night.  I had to get up several times to quiet them down and what not.  It wasn't until after 11 when they finally shut up!  So of course they all had a hard time waking up the next morning.  I had to fight with them to get ready.  I had to take stock and try to think of a plan.

If you remember my entry for New Year's "goals" I mentioned my health.  Well, getting rest is a big part of me getting well and being well.  In order for me to rest, there needs to be some changes in this house and big!  I feel like I have lost control!

So now what?  What do I do?  I'm trying to get back some control in my life so that I can get well but its not that easy.  I decided to take a break from writing last week so that I can work on getting my household affairs in order.  Namely....getting my kids on a schedule.  First night started getting kids in bed by 8 and they were asleep by 9.  So far so forward to last was just like Tuesday night all over again.  

So what do I do?  Do I continue to sacrifice the things I enjoy like writing this blog and clipping coupons and sacrifice my health because I don't get to rest?  Or do I just accept things as they are and allow my kids to rule?  Or do I try to find some balance?  And if balance sounds like the right thing...well, tell me, how do I actually achieve that balance?  How do I actually achieve that balance?  How do I actually achieve that.........................

Until next time mi gente!




  1. i guess i shouldn't complain..i have two and i feel like its alot of work! Its nice to know that life can be hectic no matterhow many kids.

  2. Sometimes I just vent, but honestly I wouldn't change anything! I'm sure you feel the same. After all the craziness, it's the little things that make it all worth while!