Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter TV Line-up

What are you watching on TV this winter?  I know what I'm watching.  First of all, unless your team is OUT.....It's serious football time.  Its play off time right now and MY NY Giants are in the play offs.  They start next Sunday taking on my sister city the ATL Falcons.  So, I will be watching football for the next few Sundays through the Super Bowl!!
Also, unless you've been under a rock somewhere you know that the NBA is back.  So, whether I like it or not, there is non stop basketball on at home.  We're hoping the NY Knicks will step up their game this season, but it's so nice to have the NBA back on and it feels weird that the season has just started after the lock out.

But enough about sports some great shows have come back for another season and my DVR will be working OT.  First off starting this Sunday night Shameless returns for a second season.  If you didn't watch the first season of Shameless, check your channel guide and see if you can get caught up before the new season starts.  Usually they marathon previous seasons of shows when the next season is about to start.  This show is hilarious.  It is about the disfunctional of all disfunctional families and takes place in Chicago.  Shameless airs on Sunday nights at 9pm ET on Showtime. If you want to get a feel for Shameless, click HERE for Season 2 promo!

Then for Monday, Castle is airing another new episode.  Castle is not my favorite show, but I can't get enough.  It's light and I usually set my DVR to record Castle because I like to watch it when I'm folding laundry.  It's something that I can watch while doing something else and not have to worry that I'm missing anything major.  Castle airs Monday nights on ABC at 10pm ET.

On Tuesday Jan 17th, the 3rd season of Justified starts! This is a great show.  Ladies you can watch the fine U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens take on the bad guys and I think he gets confused which side of the law he's actually on.  Fellas you can watch a modern day gun slinging cowboy with a great story line.  Justified airs on FX on Tuesday nights at 10 ET.    Catch a trailer of Justified HERE.

Of course American Idol returns for it's 11th season on Fox.  I watch American Idol, but not like I used to.  I like the audition shows and I watch when I'm not busy especially as it gets closer to the end. Lets see how this season goes.

Something New....There's a new show coming out this Sunday that will air on Showtime directly after Shameless.  It's supposed to be a comedy and it seems really funny.  It's called House of Lies. It looks promising and I can't wait.  You can watch the promo HERE.

Well, that's my TV line up for this winter.  If you don't know what to watch or are looking for new shows, I suggest you try some of these out. What are you watching this season?

Until next time mi gente!



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