Monday, January 9, 2012

My Little Fan

Free Stuff!

Howdy folks! Have been busy taking decorations down, running around as usual, getting ready for Vegas (4 days left) and busy being the crazy woman I am.  This Sunday MY NY Giants beat the Falcons down, got a few cool freebies from couponing so all in all a good weekend!

Well, yesterday something happened with my son Jonah and it moved me so I have to share.  In the early years of our marriage, my husband really didn't watch much sports around the house.  In fact, I watched sports more than he did.  It was easy for my oldest son Gio to like whatever team I liked since I seemed to be watching the most sports.  Well we all know  THAT changed!  Nowadays, seems like sports are always on and my husband is the one watching.  So anyways, after a while my son Gio took after his dad and became a fan of his father's teams.  Let me break it down.  Baseball...Me - NY Yankees, Hubby - NY Mets.  Football - Me - NY Giants, Hubby - NY JETS Luckily we are both NY Knicks fans!  This opposition big Gio and I have when it comes our teams is fun.  Makes it interesting when they face off against each other.

So yesterday I was watching the Giants game (did I mention they beat the Falcons yesterday badly?) yeah, so yesterday  i was watching the game and just going insane, cheering and shouting at the tv all by myself.  1.  Because I'm the only Giants fan in the house 2.  My son Gio is a Giants hater and  3.  Big G was at work.

I mention to the littlest guy Julian that he has a shirt with blue footballs on it for the Giants.  Jonah jumps in and says, mom I have a blue shirt with footballs on it.  So I ask him to get the shirt.  He comes down with the shirt and I tell him to put it on to help me cheer for the Giants.  He didn't look like he wanted to put the shirt on, I thought he just didn't want to go through the trouble of changing shirts.

A little while later I notice him walking upstairs and he looked sad.  I asked him what's wrong but he said nothing, but that nothing like obviously something is bothering him.  I say "Come over here Jonah, what's bothering you?"  He says nothing, so I ask again.  I say..."Jonah what's wrong?  It's ok.  Is it the shirt?"  He didn't answer but looked sad and conflicted.  Sensing it had to do with the shirt,  I say "Jonah if the shirt is bothering you, take it off.  It's ok, you don't have to wear it."  He takes off the shirt and puts his t-shirt back on.  Then he looks at me and says in a very quiet voice "It's just that I'm not a Giants fan".  

Right then I just felt so proud of him.  I said, "That's ok Jonah, you can like any team you want.  You don't have to be a Giants fan" and I gave him a big hug.  I don't know what you got from that, but I just felt that he has such a sense of integrity and didn't want to betray his loyalty.  Anyhoo, I also thought it was cute.  I told my husband and he couldn't stop laughing.  Later that day he tells my son Gio "GB, mom almost made me root for the Giants, but I didn't.  She almost made me!"  Too much.  Gotta love that kid!

Until next time mi gente....





  1. Love the free stuff... I'm sooo happy with only spending $1.24 :)

  2. That's my Juan Pachanga, Mi Flaco how I love him so, he is so much his own person, To those who read Londi's blog I am Jonah's grandma I have 9 grandsons and I adore them all but this flaco as I call him is special he is truly a good boy never gives you much to do, I took care of him and his brothers when Londi & Gio went to Italy for 10 days 4 boys from 15 to 2 yrs and Jonah was always grandmas helper, he was always so considerate, Vaya Flaco grandma loves ya

  3. Thanks Tieshka. I'm glad you enjoyed it!