Monday, January 2, 2012

The Holiday's Are Over....Now What?

First and foremost, I hope all of you had a great time over the holiday week and got to enjoy time with your friends and loved ones. Hopefully  2012 brings you all much health, wealth, and most importantly happiness.

Me personally, I had a nice time. My kids got everything they wanted.  The boys bought cologne for Big G and perfume for me (just what I wanted). Saturday, I surprised my kids with a fish and they were so happy.  I mostly relaxed in PJ's so I don't have any holiday outfit pics but  I think it was best that way given the way I've been feeling lately.  I have been having ups and downs and just trying to rest as much as I can.  Also, I cooked my arse off and ate, ate, ate! I'm done!  

How many of you all made New Year's resolutions?  I used to make resolutions, but I stopped doing that years ago. What I do instead is set a few goals for myself or just a couple depending on how major they are.  This way I have something to work towards and since I'm a very driven, goal oriented person seeing an end in mind helps me get there.  Also, I don't commit myself to have to actually do all of them, but like to make sure that I have a list and I get to cross some things off.  Usually I accomplish fully at least one thing on my list and get started on others.  

This year, my goals are pretty basic:

1.  Most importantly..... Work on my health! Everything that I have to do to keep healthy, Dr. appointments, relaxation, fitness, and whatever else it takes.

2.  Moving my blog onto another platform and dedicating some real time to it.

3.  Get some traveling in..... Vegas in 11 days! Puerto Rico in the summer, and maybe Germany for Oktoberfest.  

Right now I'm still planning my trip to Vegas, I know I said this before but I do love Vegas. I'm planning outfits and shows and some activities. Well, and as you know....some things just stay in Vegas!!  I did some shopping already and will share soon.  

So, take a look at the last week in Pictures!

Kids Mess!

Frying Alcapurrias

Apple Pie!

Flan de Queso

Me Lounging(shopping) in PJ's

New Fishy

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  1. Happy New Year my love. Like I said before, Now we all know that life in general brings us stress, problems, happy times and sad times, It's all in how we handle them, So be ready to knock this year on it's ass, when it does. Stay strong & positive and deal with these times with a level head, don't let anything knock you out, but give it all you have. and onward Happy New Year to all Palante siempre much love to all