Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Comer Pasteles, Comer Lechon!

Yesterday evening I made a spur of the moment decision. What was that decision you asked?  Well, while I was perusing the aisles of my favorite ghetto supermarket (Western Beef! ) Only my NYC peeps will get that one.  But if you're not from NYC you know the spot. It's the only place that has your favorite "ethnic" foods and ingredients that you really can't find in the burbs.  While they do have more and more things in my local Shop Rite and WalMart super center, only places like my Western Beef have certain things like culantro (yes culantro, not cilantro), yautilla, papel para pasteles, etc...I think you get the picture.  Anyway....back to what I was saying yeah so I was wandering around Western Beef and I decided that I was going to make Pasteles! Puerto Rican pasteles, just to clarify.  There's all other sorts of pastels (pastries), but I'm talking Puerto Rican pasteles. These are not a pastry of any kind.

I'm not going to do a big thing but I decided that I must take up the flag and keep the tradition going.  There are many bits and pieces of my PR culture that are dying away in this country, like the language, music, & food.  But gosh darn it, I will keep some of it alive for as long as I can.  I will teach my children the traditions that were passed to me through my parents and grandparents.  

I just had a talk with my oldest son about how when he gets married I will teach his wife some of our dishes just like my husbands grandmother and mother taught me about my husband's favorite dishes.  And so, in the spirit of tradition, culture, Christmas, and just straight up banging food, I will play El Gran Combo and yes Yes, I Mad Mommy to all of you out there in blog land will make pasteles! (I'll let you know how they came out tomorrow)

Until next time mi gente!  Enjoy this tune!



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  1. Are those grandmas Pastelles If not you have a batch at her house love you. A comer pastelles, a comer lechon arroz con gandules y a beber Ron Merry Christmas to all