Monday, December 5, 2011


Ok, wow! Twice in one week.  I'm sorry, I'm new at this and I am having a hard time keeping up....I'm just being honest.  But on the bright side, I accomplished a few things and I'm so, so, happy.  Friday was just too much after all.  I did what I set out to do and I got my TREE UP! YAY!  What do you think?  I think it came out cool, even since the reason behind the colors are the NY JETS thanks to hubby.  The kids were so happy that I finally put up the tree, threw some lights outside and decorated.  I am so happy I got it done.  

Also this weekend I got caught up on my coupon organizing and I'm thrilled about that! Because I've been so busy I haven't been able to organize my coupons and last week I didn't even go out for any deals at all.  So, I spent all of yesterday organizing and getting caught up.  I only have yesterday's coupons to sort through and then I can plan my extreme deals for this week.  Whew! 

So, let me tell you about the title for today's entry... I had something really embarrassing happen to me yesterday.  So.......Yesterday evening, I went outside to go adjust a setting on the timer for the lights.  It was early evening and pretty dark outside already.  I went outside in a cami and pajama pants.  As I bent over to adjust the timer well....I had a little boobage incident. Boob slips out of cami unnoticed by me. Yeah, I didn't notice. When I look at the lights in the front I noticed that one of the trees lights weren't on so, I stood up....(with the boobage) and stared towards the front of the lawn and just stood there.  I noticed a lady two houses down staring at me and I wondered what was wrong and then I looked down and I hear her tell her kid,  just hurry up! OMGoodness! Did she notice?  Was I just standing on the front lawn oblivious to the world with my boob hanging out?  Did the neighbor notice or was that my paranoia?  I don't know but I wanted to die.  So, I slipped the old girl back in and just continued with my business....what else could I do? Lol

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  1. They wanted to see the lights also don't blame the boobs they got tired of being locked up ajajajajajajajaja in english ahahahahahahaha LMPRAO