Friday, December 16, 2011

OK...I'm Back!

Ok, so I'm sorry.  I kind of left for a few days and have been MIA and to top that off I left off on a gloomy note. So ok yeah, I'm back and I'm sorry.  I have been feeling pretty crumby but I'm feeling good today so I will fill you in!

Guess what?  My Christmas shopping is D-O-N-E!  (Sticking my big fat tongue out!) Yes! I promised myself that I would not get stressed over shopping this year and I did not. I am usually shopping all the way to the very, very, very end and so I got a week to spare, I'm good.  I do have to shop for Christmas dinner, but that's no big deal.  I really only bought presents for children this year my budget is really tight and we booked the Vegas trip already so that is it! I am looking forward to shopping for Vegas now!

Now, let me ask you all a question.  Have you seen lately?  What? Do yourself a favor and check it out.  I am not really a payless "person".  Don't get me wrong I love a good bargain, but I want good quality for what I'm getting.  But I never completely rule them out because well, there's always that diamond in the rough that you can find there once in a while.  Anyways, I get their emails on sales and I opened it up and I saw a really cute pair of shoes which made me want to check out the website and I must say Wow! Impressive.  Payless is stepping up their game!   I did see a few things that I would definitely buy.   They even have a few really good designers with exclusive lines like Christian Siriano and Leila Rose.  I thought that I would share with you guys a few pairs that I thought would make you stand out at any holiday party!

For you ladies who wear a "kitten" heel, the Women's Influence Bow Pump is adorable. This shoe comes in red and black and is  on sale right now for $19.99.  It is a limited edition shoe and also comes in a wide width.

This next shoe is so hot.  It is really pretty. This is a patent leather peep toe with a  cute knot detail. This 4" heel will have everyone staring at you! (In a good way) This shoe is also available in wide width and is retailing right now for $29.99.
Now this is my favorite and I will probably be buying them.  I love them they are so dressy and feminine. I can see myself wearing these with an LBD and let my shoes be the stars.  This shoe has a chunky 5" heel and a 1.5" platform that should help with comfort.  These come in red as well and are also a limited edition.  It is retailing for $34.99.

I will try to get pics soon of what I'm wearing for the holidays and if I do, I will post on  my Facebook page.  Feel free to send me pics of what you're wearing especially if you got something fierce! I'd love to see it.  If you got any amazing deals I'd love to hear about them also! 

So I hope you can forgive me and I hope I made up for it today. = ) 

Until next time my people!



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