Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Confessions of an Inappropriate?? Mommy...

Another late posting, but I guess its par for the course for this time of year if I get anything out! I just got home from a crazy rainy commute, two stops at Toys R Us and a stop at Walmart.  Finally home, hubby got take-out and the kids are all bathed, fed, homework done, and in pajamas! Love it!  Ok, to my story.

This past Saturday I went with the girls to celebrate a friend's birthday.  We went to the city to see a drag show.  It was my first time to a drag show and we had a ball.  Of course we went to the 11pm show which was entitled "The Dirty Show" and it was raunchy and nasty and dirty and extremely funny.  We had a great time. This diva right over here made some raunchy souvenirs for the birthday girl.  Namely some balloons that went on her head in the shape of...well, lets just say it rhymes with rock and falls.  I hope I don't have to explain further.

Anyway, I was the designated driver, so I didn't drink except for a glass of wine with dinner.  I drove everyone home, drove myself home and looked in the back seat and noticed that one of the girls left a souvenir in the back seat.

Monday morning I pack Julian in the car to get ready for work and I strap him in his car seat.  I ran to the front door to lock up and what in the rock and falls do you think Julian has in his hands?!?! And he's all like "Mommy, I like my balloons!" Wow, I wanted to die laughing.  I didn't have the heart to take it away and he had no idea what was in his hands....right? So, I hop in the drivers seat and said what the heck.  As I'm backing out of the driveway (Did I ever tell you that the bus stop for everyone is in front of MY HOUSE!) back to the driveway, neighbors are out waiting with their kids for the bus and I couldn't see out the window because it was foggy, I had to lower the window and Julian is just lifting the balloon up to the window and as I'm backing out I'm smiling at the neighbors trying to get Julian to lower the balloon! Whew....

What could I have done?  Would you have taken the balloon away from your kid.  Oh well! It is what it is.  Just another day in my crazy life.

Until next time!





  2. That. Was. Awesome!

    No, I would not have taken it away from them. But then again, I would have waved to the neighbors with the boobage hanging out (from your earlier post).

    Thanks for sharing!