Tuesday, December 13, 2011

When You Just Don't Know

When you just don't know what tomorrow holds, when the future is unclear.  When you just don't know all you have to do is hold your loved ones near. 

Forget about yesterday and look forward to now.  When you live for today that's the only way how.

Sometimes we get caught up in the daily grind, losing sight of what should be first  in mind.  

Sometimes it takes something scary to put things in perspective, so don't wait for the scary, the things that are not important should never be your elective.

This journey through life is always a mystery,  those that live scared will never make history.

So live free, live proud, live happy, live loud. Live like you want to be remembered, Loving, laughing, silliness, happiness, glory surrendered.

Choose not to be prisoner of the past, choose to be free of the old chains at last.  Choose to forgive and you will be forgiven.

Dear Readers: I am just feeling reflective and wrote what was on my mind.  I am dealing with some health concerns right now and I am a little scared.  I am not ready to share details yet until I know more.  Am hoping to have some answers soon but I just don't know how things will play out.  Hopefully I will feel better soon but unfortunately I am not feeling so good right now.  If I have to say "no" more often it's only because I really can't.  I am trying to be positive and hopefully this episode will pass and I can feel well soon. Please don't ask me what's wrong and when I know more and when I'm ready I will tell you. Promise.   Anyway.... don't mean to bring you all down, I will continue to bring you more of my crazy adventures...because as you know life goes on and mine is crazy enough for a few of us at least! 

Until next time....



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