Monday, December 19, 2011


It's Christmas Week!!! 

Halo mi gente! Hello my people. No I didn't spell hola wrong it's spanglish...Haaloo!  This is the week of  Christmas and what needs to get done? Probably a lot, like wrapping, shopping for dinner, helping my sister with her dinner, making multiple pies, helping G with Coquito and some more ayacas (not sure if I spelled that right). One thing that will not happen is me stressing out! I do what I can.  

Speaking of coquito....Check out all this coquito! Love it.  Check out Gio's "Not So Secret" super simple  Coquito recipe.  Very simple, quick, and delish.    Prepare this for your gatherings this weekend and for New Year's it will be a hit.  For our non-latinos, if you can't pronounce coquito....just call it Puerto Rican egg-nog.


1 can Condensed Sweetened Milk
1 can Evaporated Milk
1 can Cream of Coconut (Coco Lopez and Goya Crema de Coco are both good)
Cinnamon to taste (apply liberally)
2 egg yolks (optional, you can substitute or leave them out all together will be good either way.  Gio doesn't use them)
Rum to taste (we usually use white Bacardi, the Bacardi gold, or 151 is also good any rum you like will work)
6 - 8 oz Water***

Blend all ingredients together and dassit my friends.  Hubby likes to add ice to blender to drink it right away, but if you are chilling there's no need to add ice.  If you like it thinner add more water, if you like it thicker...use less.  If you have fresh coco, feel free to add some in or a cinnamon stick it's up to you.  Some people add coconut shavings but trust me, you will have a great coquito just by using the basic recipe above.


Until next time.





  1. I love your blogs!! BTW... Coquito is done and sampled, but I use the same recipe. Thanx to you and Gio.

  2. Gios recipe, im Hurt! One egg shy of the one i gave him! The nerve!

  3. That's why it's his "Not So Secret Recipe" It's everyone's recipe! lol