Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Asking for a raise?

If you do a google search on  "Asking for a raise" you will come up with  pages and pages of search results.  Everyone has advice on how to do it. But how many of us actually do it?  I have a very hard time to do this in a very straight forward manner.  In fact, I have a very hard time doing this at all.   

Why do I bring this up?  Every year around this time the major activities of the year are completed or are about to wrap up.  I start thinking of all of the  things that my team and I have been able to accomplish and how successful we've been this year.  And as I sat there  late on a Monday afternoon going through a very boring training on a huge operational project that will take place starting now through the duration of next year...I know I deserve a raise.

I love where I work, I enjoy what I do, and gosh darn it, I am good at what I do!  That's why I'm here, that's why I've been here for so long, and that is why year after year I produce results.  I've tried to wait for the right time, bad economy, premium revenue losses, etc etc have held me back.  But when do I say enough is enough.  When do I actually say ok, this is the last time?  When is that time?  Back to the question at hand....How do I do it?

Have you asked your boss for a raise?  How did you do it?  I would love some feedback on this one.  Please leave comments.... (DEEP Sigh)

(By the way.....if you do happen to Google asking for a raise....most of the articles or blogs say that if its not during your annual review, most of the time the answer will be no! LOL!)

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  1. I am really not sure but personally i would type a letter expressing all of the qualities that i bring to the company and why i am such an asset. i say this however; i have never been brave enough to do it!

  2. Confused Mom...I just vent...I go through this every year at this time! If I ever get the nerve...I'll let you know!!