Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Confession Time....

OK.  Today's confession is  a little embarrassing, but oh well here goes.  I AM A MAIL PILER!! I pile up the mail and pile up the mail, until it's everywhere and I have to start doing something about it.  What do I actually do about it you ask?  I start going through it and throw stuff out, I sort it, and then I put it in another pile to never get looked at again until I have to clean it up again.  It's really, really sick.  When I have to find mail that I really need, I have to sift through a ton of letters until I can actually get to the one that I need.  Sometimes when the mail pile gets too unsightly and I can't stand to see it, I put it in a bag and then it goes somewhere out of sight. And you know what they say, out of sight, out of mind! Well then it goes from a mail pile to a mail stash.

I beg my husband to go paperless for all of the bills, but for some reason, he LOVES his paper. Funny thing is that he pays them all online.   I have opted out of receiving paper for all of my bills. Ah well, the life of a mail piler.  (maybe the real term should be hoarder, but that sounds scarier)

Do we have any other secret mail pilers? What do you do with your mail?  Any tips for me? Is there a such thing as Mail Pilers Anonymous with a 12 step program?   I think I've just admitted to the world that I have a problem.  Don't be afraid, come clean.  It's therapeutic.

By the way, this image is my actual current mail pile!

Oh well, we can't be perfect.

Ciao 'til next time,



  1. As some of you might know this is my sister and we share a lot of character traits, good and bad. I will admit this is yet another one of those pesky habbits we share. I Absolutely am a mail pier, I too sort them, pile again, and sort again and pile to file. I haven't filed in two years. Over two years there are maybe 4-5 bags of mail hidden in my closet. Everytime someone comes over another bag is made. Hey I've also made a pretty good living from organizing other peoples mail. Ironic.

  2. I absolutely am a mail piler have a similar pile can't get rid of it. My pile extended into a black garbage bag. My new project is searching for my WIC checks I think its in the mail pile wish me luck

  3. Lala, I moved an old mail pile from my last house to this house. Do you know how old the mail is in that pile?

    Nancy, welcome to my world! I bet you thought you were alone out there with your mail piles! Thanks for following!