Thursday, November 17, 2011

Reflecting on a love story

Our love story is one that is still happening, but a day like today only helps me to remember how we started out.   Two kids, literally in High School. It was real love, and it's hard as we get older to understand that two kids can really be in love and understand what kids are going through but its true. It was powerful and it was real, it was Love.  

Back in 1993, I thought I knew it all.  He thought he was hot stuff. This was the kid that was taking trumpet lessons from my Dad for crying out loud.  I worked after school in my father's record shop and  my dad didn't want me working in the store all alone and he wanted someone there with me.  Apparently Gio wanted a part time job and so, being that my father knew and liked him he thought it would be a good idea.  Well, he was in for a surprise!  

Putting two kids together alone that are full of raging hormones for hours at a time day after day may not be such a good idea if you are not trying to make a love connection. was there in that place in that record shop that it happened.  The songs from the store, still part of the soundtrack to my life.  When I hear those songs they bring me back to time when nothing else mattered.  

Fast forward......18 years later, 2 weddings, 4 kids........and so much life, bad times, good times, amazing fantabulous times....and so much love! Here we are.  Here we are looking forward to make more stories, our stories, our kids stories.
November 17,  1994


  1. How sweet my love, You kids drove me nuts, I didn't know what to do, You had come to Atlanta and Gio was in NYC at that time many kids where making suicide pacts, Although your dad was against it I went ahead and let you guys get married here in Atlanta, because I was also in love at very young age, I am super proud of you guys. I love my son in law with all my heart, he is a wonderful dad and a good husband. God Bless you both for ever. Love you Mom

  2. ahh... what a sweet post and what a sweet comment from your mom! :)

  3. I came to follow you & already was :) I'm following again :) live your blog n this post was sweet.

  4. Thanks Mirna. I have been reading your blog and entered your give away!