Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday!

Cousins playing Football

After slaving around the house for about two days, I must say it was worth it because we had such a fantastic Thanksgiving!  The food was excellent, the company was great and the drinks were good!

But here were are and it's the day after....Black Friday.  If you know me or have been reading my blog, you know that I love a good deal as much and frankly better than the next guy, but when you live in the Black Friday shopping could care less.  See for me Black Friday has nothing to do with retail shopping. I hate it.  I hate the lines.  I hate the traffic and all of the tourists and crazy shoppers that crowd my area starting Thursday night.

But I do love this day.  Why? What is black Friday to me?  Well it's leftovers, getting to stay in pajamas all day!  Black Friday is relaxing on the couch watching TV and movies, eating turkey sandwiches, watching my kids and nephews play outside on a crisp, clear, autumn day.  Black Friday is family games, laughing, and enjoying one another.

Listen, I'm a working mom.  I'm constantly running around.  Days like this are rare and I'm not spending them shopping and fighting through crowded stores and backed up parking lots.  I'm spending the time where it counts.  (Maybe I'll do some shopping online! shhh)

That is all.  Happy Black Friday!

Until next time.




  1. Yes mam I agree, this has been a wonderful black friday resting with my family and eating left over turkey

  2. Amen! I have never gone shopping on this day!