Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Toothless Tuesday!

So, most of the time I write my entries the night before and then I review them, correct, and post them in morning. But last night my computer decided it was going to go on strike and I decided not to fight it. So when I got up this morning and started reading what I had written and adding to it, I got frustrated and scrapped the whole thing.  So  I had to start from scratch.  But I was hit with inspiration by something that made me smile just now.  You ready, here goes!

Jonah 6 years old!
Now doesn't that just make you smile? It makes me smile, but I could be prejudiced. Lol.  Anyway, I told my sister this story but thought you'd all appreciate it as well. So Jonah lost his tooth on Sunday. He's been waiting for that tooth to come out for the longest! So, on Sunday night he takes his tooth, puts it under his pillow and waits for the tooth fairy.  Well, Monday morning he wakes up and all I hear is screams coming from his bedroom.  When I go to check what happened, Jonah was yelling and said "Mom...it's Elijah!! He wanted money so he took my tooth and put it under his pillow!!!" Well something like that makes you want to just literally laugh out loud, but being the sensible mom that I am...I laughed quietly! I told Jonah, not to worry that the tooth fairy didn't take his tooth and give money to Elijah because she knows it's not his tooth and blah blah blah.  So I take the tooth and hide it until the evening comes.  When Jonah's ready to go to bed, I give him his tooth again and he puts it under the pillow and awaits the tooth fairy in his dreams.  Well she came.  And as I sat down here drinking my coffee, I heard a totally different sound.  I heard "Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally! Yes!" and then quiet.  All I could do was smile and my heart was swollen.

After all of the craziness day in and day out, those little things just make you feel like its all worth it.  That you know you're doing the right thing as a mom when you make your children HAPPY!

That is all for today.  Until next time....



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