Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend in Review

I had a busy weekend as usual.  This weekend included the usual busy, busy, busy.  Starting from a wake, to shopping, to soccer, to team pizza party, to cleaning out my rental property all the way to cooking my glazed ham with Rice and beans last night!

I must say though that the highlight of my weekend was my son Jonah's soccer game on Saturday afternoon.  I was so very proud of him on Saturday because he put his all into his game and performed so well.  He was so proud of himself and just so happy!

Jonah got to play his favorite position to start the game as goalie and he was amazing.  If you don't know Jonah, he's small for his age and very skinny, but he's very fast and has been working hard to get faster and faster and not only that, he doesn't quit.  With that said, he is usually the smallest out there in soccer and Lacrosse as well so he has to work harder.  But let me tell you NOTHING WAS GETTING PAST THAT KID! He was all over that ball and protecting his goal.  Next quarter they bring him on the field and he dribbles the ball about 1/3 of the field with full control and he scores the only goal of the game to lead his team to victory!  It was so thrilling for him.  He fought his heart out for the entire game and got banged up in the process, but he was happy.

As a mom, when you see your kids happy, there is no more rewarding feeling.  To know that all of the running around and sacrifice and early morning practices and weekends with no rest....well its all worth it!  So yes I complain that I'm tired, yes I'm yelling when we're late.  Yes I give up my sleep and well, you've heard me gripe before...but I wouldn't trade that in for anything in the world.  

Until next time my dears...



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  1. Ese es mi Juan Pachanga el Flaco Go Jonahnaaaaaaaaaa, grandma knew you could always your the man Now you have to do a salsa dance after every goal love you baby Grandmamamamamamaaaaaaaaaaa