Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fashion Trends I'm feeling....


I have two pairs in my collection that I'm really feeling and are in heavy rotation (so what!).

The first pair is totally on trend right now with the feathers.  I actually copped this pair of earrings for only $10 from a vendor at Oktoberfest Bear mountain.  No, you can't get yours at Oktoberfest anymore, but you shouldn't have any trouble finding a similar pair or a pair that you like that is with the whole feather trend that is very popular right now.  Why do I love these?  I can wear them with anything.  I love pieces that are versatile that I can dress up or down.  I can wear these with my hair slicked back and a hot LBD (little black dress for my male readers).  I can also wear them casually with some neutral earthy tones.  I think they are fly.

This second pair pictured here are my absolute FAVORITE right now.  They are on-trend...well, have been on trend for some time now, but I wasn't blogging when this trend started up again and I'm still rocking them so there! lol Anyway, these are trendy bamboo earrings with a hint of bling.  I bought 2 pairs of them (1 for back up) on for $19.99.  I don't think these are available any longer but they do have some cute trendy pieces there right now.  Why do I love these?  Apart from the fact that I can wear them with anything and they are completely versatile....well bamboo earrings are trendy again!  I was wearing bamboo earrings back in the day when LL Cool J was rapping about them.  I stayed with at least 2 pair! To see them out again and rocked all over is nostalgic and it's nice to see such an urban look be so popular.  I feel like an around the way girl all over again!

Now go forth and be fabulous.....




  1. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

  2. Oh Londi I want the one with the feathers please tell Santa ok love you

  3. Hi Veronica, Thanks for stopping by. Hope you'll visit regularly.

    Mom-Let me see what Santa says! lol